Medical Tourism : Pectus Excavatum Surgery New Delhi – India

Pectus excavatum surgery in New Delhi, India is one of the options available for those seeking to end their battle with chest deformity without emptying their coffers. The main thing that attracts offshore patients is the cost of pectus excavatum surgery in India, which is significantly lower than in other countries such as the US, the UK, and Canada.

 Cost-effectiveness is of high importance to many patients, especially those with severe cases, whose families have already spent a great deal of money on the treatment of the associated health complications, probably since the patient’s birth.

Rising Medical Tourism in India

  • Pectus Excavatum Surgery New Delhi - India Many patients are undergoing cosmetic surgeries and weight loss surgeries such as lap band and gastric bypass in New Delhi and other prime cities of India.
  • Surrogacy in New Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities of India too is finding many takers because of the relatively liberal surrogacy laws in the country.
  • The medical tourism industry in India is steadily progressing due to the influx of foreign patients to avail of low-cost, yet quality medical procedures.
  • A December 2010 report by RNCOS Industry Research Solutions titled “Booming Medical Tourism in India” prophesizes the medical tourism industry in India to generate revenue to the tune of a whopping $3 billion by 2013.

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