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NIB to target medical tourism

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Insurer NIB is planning to sell offshore surgical packages to Australians looking to save money on medical procedures, according to The Australian.


Dentists slam medical tourism

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The Weekend Australian revealed plans by NIB to sell offshore surgical packages to Australians who want the cheaper prices offered by medical systems in Asia, as well as shorter waiting times, but


Medical tourism from Australia 'booming'

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A growing number of Australians are choosing to go overseas, especially to Asia, for medical procedures in a trend known as medical tourism.


Specialised surgery a first for the Hastings

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 The liver is a complex vascular organ which has a crucial role in coordinating nutrition into metabolic function.


Jamaica's first medical/social website launched

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 This dynamic mobile health solution lets its members connect to the health information and local care they need, when the


Australia Mayorial Candidate : Boost in boobs means boost in finances

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 For Australia's Gold Coast to boost its finances there is a call for a boost in breasts. Yes, breasts.



Aussies head overseas for cosmetic surgery

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With procedures in some locations costing around half of the prices in WA, medical tourism is on the rise as more and more people opt to combine surgery with a holiday.


Australian parents travel to Thailand to choose baby's sex

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Australian IVF clinic,is helping clients choose the sex of their baby by sending them to a Thai clinic it co-owns, avoiding Australian rules which allow the practice only for medical reasons.


Australia and New Zealand still optimistic on medical tourism

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Australian health professionals have been one of the loudest critics of medical tourism, with regular protests about the risks of people going to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for dental and c


'rent-a-womb' surrogacy trade to be regulated in India

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ALLAHBADIA: Surrogacy will be easiest to do in India, there will be absolutely, once it becomes law, there will be absolutely no legal tangles, a couple can take their baby away with a birth cert