DUBAI: Crown Prince Launches New Medical Tourism Initiative In Dubai

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 Sheikh Hamdam, Crown Prince of Dubai summoned the top officials of various government and private sector bodies to a weekend meeting where he emphasised the need for all of them including the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Department of Tourism to work together to promote his latest medical tourism initiative. The prince made it clear that he will no longer tolerate poor promotion, inter-departmental squabbling and the undermining of promotions by the health authority sending citizens overseas for treatment.

Dubai Health Authority's (DHA) new initiative on medical tourism is aimed at boosting the international status of Dubai as a destination for medical tourism through concerted efforts of all departments and their private sector counterparts. A new task force will be an overall co-ordinating body to promote the city.

Sheikh Hamdan wants the DHA to promote medical treatment, cosmetic treatment, spa and wellness services. The initiative is part of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015. 

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